About Us

Founded by Kiran Salaskar, the highlight of COO is most definitely our in-house Patisserie & Bakery Taste the difference with our unparalleled, innovatively presented Desserts in a Jar: Cookie Dough, Caramel & Cream, Cookie Dough & Hazelnut Crème jar, Red Velvet and Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (The Traditional Black Forest Cake) in a Jar. Other signature desserts created in-house read the most sinful, mouthwatering menu: A variety of Chocolate Brownies, Traditional Cakes, Pastries, Mousses, Dessert Shots, Cookies and Muffins. All served in hearty sizes so that your indulgence last a little bit longer! Relish rich, exquisitely decadent desserts that taste just as good as they look!

Whetting your appetite for more is a premium range of freshly baked breads and savories using the freshest natural ingredients. COO brings you Dips and spreads, a freshly prepared range of Hummus, Pesto; Infused Olive Oils; Premium Coffee.

COO invites you to a journey into gourmet paradise while you browse through their shelves and counters, that share space with designer Teak furniture (also created by Kiran Salaskar under the label of “Designscape”) giving the space a rich, warm lived in look and feel.

Country of Origin also undertakes orders for the creation & packaging of Food Hampers which make a great gift for any occasion across all age groups! “At COO we are committed to our focus on bringing the best there is in the world of Specialty Foods, closer to you. Whether it’s the most amazing chocolate for our desserts to the best, homemade produce by local talents. If you’ve been looking for a place that offers a warm blend of Luxury Dessert with personalized service, with some exciting new flavors, then ‘Country Of Origin’, the Fine Food Boutique marks the end of your journey. At Country of Origin a world of good taste & decadence awaits you!!!